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Knightly Order of Vitéz (Vitézi Rend), I.C.O.C.

During the Middle Ages, European knights were essentially armoured, mounted warriors. It was common practice for knights commander to confer knighthoods upon their finest soldiers, who in turn had the right to confer knighthood on others upon attaining command.

After the end of feudalism and the rise of the nation-states, orders of knighthood became the domain for the monarchs (or heads of state). Essential to the question whether an order is a legitimate chivalric order or a self-styled order is the international accepted subject of the fount of honour (Latin: fons honorum).

The Vitézi Rend was founded in 1920 by the Regent of the Kingdom of Hungary, admiral Miklós vitéz Horthy de Nagybánya. His aim was to re-establish an organization with strong national dedication to contribute for stability after the confusing and desperate situation of post-ww1 Hungary. Between the two world wars the title of vitéz was almost exclusively applied by highly decorated heroes who fought in ww1. Essential to the oath of vitéz is the contribution to the Holy Crown of Saint Stephen (Szent István), backing up the more than 1000 year continuity of Hungarian Culture in Europe in connection to the Hungarian Monarchy.

In March 1944 Nazi Germany took over control over Hungary and in October 1944 admiral Miklós vitéz Horthy was forced by Nazi Germany to resign and was placed under arrest and taken to Bavaria. After the end of ww2 and the custody of American troops, admiral Miklós vitéz Horthy lived in exile in Estoril (Portugal) until his death in 1957.

In 1945 Hungary has been occupied by Soviet Troops: The doctrine of communism didn’t allow to re-establish the Kingdom of Hungary. To be stated here that even after the fall of communism in 1989 the people of Hungary were never allowed or took the opportunity to have a referendum about the question of continuity of the Kingdom of Hungary.

The Vitézi Rend considers the legitimate successors of the head (admiral Miklós vitéz Horthy the Nagybánya) of the Knightly Order of Vitéz, recognized by the International Orders of Chivalry, as the only truly herited Fount of Honour (Fons Honorum) and therefore the only legitimate Order to use the name Vitézi Rend and to legally act in its favour.

Although certain activities of the Vitézi Rend could be permitted by other legal organs, the Vitézi Rend strongly opposes to the misleading activities of members of vitéz or other subjects, that do not act in favour of the Vitézi Rend, I.C.O.C.

The pollicy of the Vitézi Rend is to stick to its basic rules and to strengthen national and international ties in favour of the Hungarian Culture.